If you said that each of these vehicles has had their vehicle frame welded in some way, you would be correct. View our Privacy Policy here. 2 Answers. Car Frame: No excessive rust on frame – safety issue. Archived. I live in Dryden, NY and have a 1993 Toyota Corolla. The owner is also responsible for selecting the testing facility, an auto-repair shop that is … Can get one used which will be cheaper. fall 05 - new battery, fuel filter Cut a steel plate the size of the frame and weld the perimeter, top, bottom and sides. not sure what you are reffering to on a cracked frame is there a specific part that is cracked most cars are unibody construction which means they dont really have a frame but rather a bunch of bent sheet metal welded together. 6. You may freely link However, ... 96 Grand Marquis - cranks won't start - continual problem. Racecars have fully welded, high strength tubular frames with the objective being driver safety. Where minor problems are present, the inspector should caution the owner to fix those problems before they get worse. Official Inspection Procedure NOTE: The owner of a vehicle is under no obligation to have disclosed defects corrected by the inspection station. I ... i live in NJ and i bought a 2007 c280 mercedes from a used car dealer in NY. Check safety glass. 3. Welded new driver side rocker panel and part of the floor (was rotted and rusted out), new catalytic converters and front pipe (cat was leaking; was rusted out), installation of cats and front pipe (welded), inner fender replaced (which we did ourselves), and new summer tires and installation... a total of $1,225.38, taxes in. Inspection stations are required to post a notice of approval from the state of New Hampshire. IMO, any car as it ages that is of that unibody-type construction needs to periodically be put on a hoist and carefully looked at for signs of anything ready to come apart. Any ideas about what else we should look at? 6. Click here to see the new DMV's new Periodic Inspection Manual that goes into effect July 1. If the door latches, hood catch, trunk latch, fail to operate properly and hold unit secure, the vehicle is not safe for highway operation and must fail the mechanical inspection; 8. Dealership sold me a car with a bad frame that is all rusted and rotted out and won't pass inspection;did illegally last year We bought the car in 9/10 at a used dealership; 6/11 wouldn't pass inspection due to bad, rusted frame; when complained to dealership--they told me to bring car to them and they would have their garage weld it. I put over 500.00 into this car just to pass inspection! Does anyone know how hard of a task this would be, or how much time/money it wou... Hi I am 14 and I got a 1986 Isuzu trooper 2 for my birthday. This is to provide the community with a safe driving environment. 0 0? At the bottom of each frame is a base anchor. Vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of less than 10,000 pounds cannot have a bumper height exceeding 31 inches. if you bought it from a Ford dealer, they should have known to check the subframe bushings as there is/was a recall on the subframe bolts breaking for the early mid 90s Taurus. It seems to happen more often in the morning or after it's been sitting for some time, ***but not always. New York State requires seat belts in automobiles. May 05 - IAC replaced Is there any way to fix a rusted frame … RobNY Well-Known Member. A simple weld is OK, but a welded plate is better. The cars or passenger vehicles in your possession will have to get a Safety Standard Certificate. Again, when welding the side plates, weld only the horzintal top and bottom, not the vertical left and right ends.....per the article I read. Both sides of the frame rail are rusted pretty bad. Posted by 4 years ago. Member : Join Date: Apr 2012. The purpose of state inspection is to ensure that vehicles are mechanically safe to be driven.