Why in the world did Humble Pie get a bunch of policemen to form a human pyramid? Zeppelin III. Police – Ghost In The Machine If you’re doing the 100 Greatest Rock Album Covers, I could see excluding Whipped Cream and Other Delights because Herb Alpert and the TJB probably wouldn’t be classified as “rock.” If, however, you’re not putting sideboards on the category, Whipped Cream and Other Delights should be in there somewhere. i didn’t see that herb alpert one with the girl in the whipped cream. A list like this NOT including Hawkwind’s Space Ritual cover does NOT deserve to be taken serious…! Drawn by cat himself and very iconic. Where’s the Jefferson Airplane, Spooky Tooth, Aorta, the Dead 72,.good stuff , but please don’t put a number on them. Not a terrible list, but I’d have thought Weather Report – Heavy Weather, would have somehow made that list. come on, nobody noticed? The toilet on the original cover of If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears also proved to be a no-no in 1966. Here are 2 that sprang to mind. This cover did wonders with its simple strategy. At last someone actually mentioned “Budgie ” Great LP covers. Ten points if you can find where the Beatles are hiding in the 3D image on Their Satanic Majesties Request. Beggars Banquet is a rare case where an album’s two famous covers really complement each other. 28 points. Scorpions…Blackout, Rainbow : Rising Kate Bush – The Dreaming (with a kiss, I’d pass they key) “Athletic, artistic, and alien.”. Where’s “Rock and Rolling with Fats Domino”? Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day by Man – if only for the fantastic origami map of Wales. There are a lot great suggestions, but my list would have included Blind Faith, The Who By Numbers, Alice Cooper’s Schools Out, Iron Maiden Killers, Dio, Iggy Pop Raw Power, Ted Nugent Cat Scratch Fever, Leon Russell Live, Cream Wheels of Fire. But not top 100. Alice Again-School’s Out. I forgot City To City (Jerry Rafferty). Violent Femmes “Hallowed Ground” is another. Joe Walsh- “But Seriously Folks” is a definite must for this list .. No Iron Maiden or KISS at all???!!! Where is Quicksilver Happy Tails ? Shouldn’t Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxygene be in that list? What? ! In this staged cover for Moving Pictures, which features many of the characters from the songs, we detect at least three different visual plays on the album’s title. some of these covers are just bands posing. 7 months ago. Bogus list, how in the world could they not include any grateful dead covers ???? The Stones always had attention-grabbing covers and Let It Bleed was equally unique and surreal. Also born to run, top 10? just because of his name, the rarity, and therefore their collectibility… Children Of the Future (Steve Miller Band), Blues For Allah (The Grateful Dead), In Search Of the Lost Chord (The Moody Blues), Just For Love (Quicksilver Messenger Service), Outside Inside (Blue Cheer), Escape (Journey), Tubular Bells (Mike Oldfield), Firefall (S/T), The Royal Scam (Steely Dan), Pink Moon (Nick Drake), Dire Straits (S/T), In Rock (Deep Purple), Mellow Yellow (Donovan), Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd), Misfits (The Kinks), Santana (S/T) and there’s so many more that I could list too. Yes, the Beatles were a brilliant band, the springboard for EVERYTH8NG THAT CAME AFTER. Not a bad selection,but how could you leave out Axis Bold as love or several of the Moody Blues lp covers? Are you kidding me? Great Selection, with a bit of a bias for British and U. S. Productions. Albums without the title or the artist's name written on the cover. You were there when the photo was taken? Not one Moody Blues album cover? I do see “Wish You Were Here” is listed. The album cover for Hüsker Dü’s final studio album is one of those cases where a cover is exactly like the album: vivid, colorful and jarring in a welcoming way. In this case, the interlocking geometric shapes are a visual answer to the album’s innovative time signatures. Iron Butterfly: In-A-Gadda-da-Vida (and Live) And here we have to mention the friendship between Iron Maiden and Derek Riggs , who, starting with their 1980 debut, worked on all of their album covers in the 80s and 90s, drawing the mascot “Eddie” and defining the band’s visual language. You suppose she was naked. The baby in question, Spencer Elden, even recreated the photo 25 years later. Yes I agree. This style of art would be associated with psychedelic music from here on out, though Crumb was a bit anti-hippie himself. Not even one of the first 5 Roxy Music albums or Enos Another Green World or Here Come The Warm Jets. - Submitted by: Weily Coyote. Illustrated album covers had been around for decades, but the nineties, saw digitally drawn illustrations spawn a whole new style. I miss the Band`s Music from big pink and Country Joe Mc Donald`s I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die. But the Mississippi singer who became known as The King threw away that rulebook, thrusting his hips in an overtly sexual style and running wild with a raw, primal energy. The Beatles influence cannot be measured. The Byrds- Sweetheart of the Rodeo. yessongs, blind faith, bustin` out. Agree with many entries (Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and Nirvana’s Nevermind are among the most iconic). Well, I don’t agree. Album covers without any text (name of the band or the album). Album Covers (Best Selling Albums By Famous Artists) Many top selling albums of flown off the shelves in the last 50 years or so how many of this collection do you recognise Reveal Answers Shakespears Sister – Hormonally Yours If you have sergeant pepper’s then you should have we’re only in it for the money by the Mothers of Invention. (Pictures) Fifty years ago this week the photo session that produced the iconic cover for The Beatles album “Abbey Road” took place. Kansas’s “Leftoverture”. Savoy Brown’s ‘Lookin’ In’ Tubular Bells should be on here.. Put your book knowledge to the test with this literary quiz! – Pretty much any Dead album, but Blues for Allah is my favorite cover For the artwork AND the music. Picture: Radio X The album cover that started it all the most iconic Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass the one with the naked girl covered in whipped cream , WTF how could this not be included really, That was my first thought too. Agreed. Coldplay. This cover is Roger Dean at his most vivid. Robert Palmer – Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley No mention by anyone of Family! Lot there i’ve got, lot that aren’t there that should be, and a lot that shouldn’t be there. That album included the classic “A Taste of Honey.”. Juicy Lucy? “The Magician’s Birthday” to name one. The cover for The Miracles’ 1961 debut encapsulates the old-school showbiz that Motown would soon lead the world away from. Sigur Ros all. I think Sakis Gouzonis’s first album, “First Contact,” belongs here as well. “Bleeker & McDougal”-Fred Neil Covers that don’t belong even if it were the 1000 greatest ones. All the Ohio Players covers were legendary, and the early Westbound ones were considerably more daring than the hit-era ones for Mercury. Arriving one year after his milestone album The Payback, Brown delivered the double-album Hell, which called out societal ills both on record and on the elaborately illustrated cover. Why never name the covers artists? Can you recognise these 23 iconic movie posters without the text? A nod to how Thelonious Monk must’ve felt as a pioneering jazz artist, Underground casts the pianist as a French Resistance fighter in WWII. Sporting a photo of JS Bach with a Moog synthesizer, Wendy Carlos’ pioneering electronic album Switched-On Bach was unlike anything people had seen (or heard) before in 1968. This shimmering image is undeniably beautiful, yet you never know just what it means…just like their music. Everest – yes, that was the original plan – so they came up with something just as memorable by leaving the studio and crossing the street, resulting in the iconic Abbey Road cover. A rare case where a parody (of the above Elvis cover) becomes a work of art in itself. The Breeders – Last Splash The somber, shadowed photo featured on both the US and UK album version of Meet The Beatles! M Adams. The one for Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player was just right, drawing from his soon-to-be-legendary love of movies. Pink Floyd “Meddle ” No wonder they had Questions in The House. C'mon, this is an easy one. I totally Agree with the one that Requested “Crime Of The Century” rather than “Breakfast In America” of Supertramp’s Covers. I would have liked to see some European covers, for instance: really? Metálica : Ride The Ligthning Really???? Beth Orton – Trailer Park The cover depicts one of the greatest rock guitarists in his prime! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/4c/Rock_and_Rolling_with_Fats.jpg. Because they could, of course. QUIZ: Match the 80s artist to their album cover. Everybody since has been influenced by their music and creative style.