We love whole fish that are small enough to handle on a grill, to fit in a steamer, a pan, or wrapped in parchment paper. Nikitouri Taverna & Rooms, Koufonissi Picture: Fagri Fish - Check out Tripadvisor members' 1,852 candid photos and videos. Fagri is very tasty – but also quite expensive. But I heard my mom referring to catfish as obokun. How It’s Served: Like anchovies, sardines are prepared in a multitude of ways in Greece. English: Swordfish. About This Animal: The astakos, or lobster, that you’ll eat in Greece is mostly fished from around small uninhabited islands in the Aegean. How It’s Served: Melanouri is generally grilled on charcoal and garnished with lemon, Greek Name: Χταπόδι (Ktah – POH – thee)Scientific Name: Octopus vulgarisEnglish Name: Common octopus. How It’s Served: Sinagrida is most often charcoal grilled or roasted in the oven with vegetables and served whole with, of course, oil and lemon. Source: Link. It is mostly a night hunter, feeding on small fish, polychaetes, cephalopods and crustaceans. It is one of only six species in its family, Moronidae, collectively called the temperate basses. Well, I may not know the name of this fish in English or Greek but my tastebuds remembered perfectly this is the greatest fish ever. Greek Name: Καλαμάρι (Kah – lah – MAH – ree)Scientific Name: Loligo vulgarisEnglish Name: Squid, European squid, Common squid. Have a question about our comment policies? 66 / 2,000 cal left. In Greece there are two species, the brown trout which is native to the country and the rainbow trout which was imported from the Americas for aquaculture purposes on account of its faster growth. Unfortunately, the common, unscientific, names of fish are very inaccurate. About This Fish: The mighty tuna has been a prized fish in Greece since antiquity; an engraved price-list discovered from the 3rd century BC lists it as being 3 times more expensive than the cheapest fish. How It’s Served: Pestrofa is often smoked, and served as an appetizer, or baked with potatoes and/or vegetables for a main dish. About This Animal: These medium-to-large saltwater mussels can be found naturally in the Mediterranean and Black Seas as well as the east Atlantic Ocean. About This Animal: Widely considered a luxurious seafood in Greece, karavida is a crustacean that can be found in both saltwater and freshwater environments throughout the country. How It’s Served: Barbounis are most often dipped in flour and fried, though you may also find them grilled at some traditional Greek restaurants. About This Animal: One of the more aesthetically unappealing fish that lurk on the seabed, peschandritsas tend to be large in size – they can weigh up to 34 kilograms – and are known for their large mouths full of razor-sharp teeth. As in many parts of the world, many species in Greek seas are under severe pressure from overfishing – including species on this list which are included for informational purposes only. 3 Answers Homework Help2 years ago. The small fish can also be pickled (gavros marinatos) and can be found as such at many delis. However note that not all fish sold as ‘marida’ are picarel, they can sometimes be whitebait, meaning the young fish of various species (indeed marida is often translated as whitebait on Greek menus). Greek Name: Σαλάχι (Sah – LAH – hi)Scientific Name: Batoidea (superorder)English Name: Ray, skate. Sea bass is great when cooked on the grill. Greek Name: Ταραμά (Ta – ra – MAH)English Name: Fish roe. They can also be grilled or, on some occasions, stuffed for a savory indulgence. Often in shallow waters and close to shore, it is a common sight when snorkeling. Greek Name: Μπαρμπούνι (Bahr – BOO – nee)Scientific Name: Mullus barbatusEnglish Name: Red mullet. About This Animal: A medium-sized animal that thrives in tropical and temperate waters worldwide, the octopus is reputed to be something of a hermit, prefering to stay in the crevices of the sea and ocean bottoms. There is talk of farming turbot, bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and octopus too. All really… Scientists consider it to be the most intelligent of the invertebrate animals. German Translation of “fish” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Gate the tomatoes and add in a large bowl. About This Animal: Native to the Atlantic, it is thought that the blue crab was introduced into European waters through ships’ ballast. Fagri Name Meaning Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and … Greek Name: Ροφός (Roh – FOHS)Scientific Name: Epinephelus marginatusEnglish Name: Dusky grouper. About This Animal: Garida, is a general term to describe shrimp and prawns of which there are many different species. Greek Name: Κυδώνι (Kee – THOH – nee)Scientific Name: Venus verrucosa (among other species)English Name: Cockle, clam, warty venus. Hake ko Rake ni Be nice to your neighbors nah … More common are the yellowfin tuna (kitrinopteros tonos) and albacore tuna (lefkos tonos). Mahi … Chefs love to use the psiha, or flesh, of the karavida for a variety of dishes. However it should not be consumed today, given that pinna is an endangered species that is protected by law from all forms of fishing in Greece. It’s a prized food and game fish, which has led to its overfishing. As a result this fish is considered endangered and should be avoided. However overfishing combined with the practice of capturing juveniles before they can reproduce and raising them in fish-farms has led to the species’ numbers to fall to dangerously low levels. Heat the olive oil, at least 1 cm (0.4”), in a non-stick frying pan and fry the fish on both sides. Greek Name: Γαύρος (GAH – vros)Scientific Name: Engraulis encrasicolusEnglish Name: European anchovy. How It’s Served: Xifias is usually cut into steaks and either grilled or baked in the oven. They are hermaphroditic, beginning life as females and then becoming males as they grow older. About This Animal: Kin to barbouni (‘red mullet’ – see above), koutsomoura is a smaller type of goatfish. About This Animal: Easily identifiable from their thick, ribbed shells, like gyalisteres (smooth clams) kidonia live in sandy seabeds throughout the country. 10 Most Popular Fish to Eat in Greece. How It’s Served: In Greece shrimp are frequently stewed with tomato, garlic and herbs and served over pasta, although they may also be simply fried or, if they are large enough, grilled. You may also find it at a fish soup (with larger fish). Log Food. Some said Seabream (tsipoura), but Fagri I think is a bigger fish, more meat. 4690).Marketed fresh and frozen (Ref. About This Animal: Colloquially known as ‘white sea bream,’ sargos lives and thrives in the rocky reefs of the east Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea. Greek Name: Τόνος (TOH – nohs)Scientific Name: Thunnus thynnus, Thunnus albacares, Thunnus alalungaEnglish Name: Bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, albacore tuna. It lives in rocky areas where it grazes primarily on algae, for which its ‘beak’ is adapted. Ambush predators, they attract prey with the aid of a spine modified to act as a lure, then gulp it down in one lightning-fast movement. Fagri are both caught wild and raised in fish farms (the former can be at the pricier end of the spectrum, the latter are less expensive). The most popular farmed fish are Tsipoura (Gilthead Sea-Bream) and Lavraki (Mediterranean Sea Bass) but I have seen Tilapia sold in the central market in Athens. On top of that there are cultural differences – what are considered staples or delicacies in Greece may not be common food fish in other countries, even if they show up in fishermen’s nets. Note that even the FDA warns that species substitution is a very serious problem. Find nutrition facts for over 2,000,000 foods. The large egg sacs are removed and salted, pressed, and dipped in beeswax to preserve them. About This Animal: Α large clam that can reach up to a meter in length and which is endemic to the Mediterranean, this shellfish has long been used as a source of food and sea silk (thread the mollusc uses to anchor itself to the seabed and which was once spun into cloth). This iconic animal is however threatened with extinction due to fishing, pollution, damage by trawlers and anchors and loss of the sea grass meadows in which it lives. Greek Name: Γυαλιστερές (Yah – lee – stehr- EHS)Scientific Name:  Callista chioneEnglish Name: Smooth clams. But as you leave the restaurant you’re still left with a question: what fish did I just eat? Chicken breasts and ground beef are common weeknight fare, but it's time to start adding more fish! Mix the flour with some salt and coat the fish. Sfirida is also prized among spearfishermen and one of the more expensive Greek fish. It is the second most important species (in production volumes) in Mediterranean fish farming. 3688).Its toxic nature is uncertain (Ref. Cat fish is Ojiji in Yoruba. For any large fish (like fagri – common sea bream, sargos – white sea bream, tsipoura – gilthead sea bream, lithrini – common Pandora, kefalos – grey mullet, lavraki – bass, sfirida – white grouper, pigga – mottled grouper, rofos – dusky grouper, stira – gold blotch grouper, etc) … Greek name: Αχινός (Ah – hee – NOHS)Scientific name: Paracentrotus lividusEnglish name: Urchin, sea urchin. Greek Name: Ξιφίας (Ksee – FEE – ahs)Scientific Name: Xiphias gladiusEnglish Name: Swordfish. How It’s Served: They’re best eaten raw (and alive) with a drizzle of lemon. Though it is somewhat more expensive (when wild-caught) than some of the other options on this list, locals would argue that it’s worth the indulgence. https://www.greece-is.com/greek-fish-translated-guide-greeces-seafood How It’s Served: A tasty fish with few bones to pick off, many Greeks enjoy peschandritsa baked in the oven with tomato and herbs. How It’s Served: Thrapsalo is best eaten charcoal-grilled and drizzled in oil and lemon. Extra knowledge: Should you get spines from a sea urchin embedded in your skin, apply liberal amounts of olive oil before attempting to extract them – it will help the spines slide back out. About This Fish: As indicated by its common English name, fagri is relatively large in size and silvery-rose in color. How It’s Served: Palamida is an oily fish with flesh similar to mackerel and tuna. It is pinkish and is best eaten at the grill (charcoal). They can also change the color of their skin for camouflage and communication. About This Animal: Marida as a species refers to the picarel, small, silver fish native to the eastern Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea. Whether they are fried, grilled or baked in the oven with tomato, this fish is best paired with a glass of ouzo by the sea. Marida. After a back-and-forth with the waiter makes little headway, he invites you to inspect the glass case displaying the day’s catch on ice. A fan of seafood pasta? English: Salmon. Anna's Fish Taverna: urlaub - See 369 traveler reviews, 212 candid photos, and great deals for Ikaria, Greece, at Tripadvisor. Greek Name: Λαβράκι (Lah – VRAH – kee)Scientific Name: Dicentrarchus labraxEnglish Name: Bass, sea bass, Mediterranean sea bass. Marida (Μαρίδα) is another small fish species with a silvery color, quite common in the Aegean Sea. Combine all the ingredients for the ladolemono sauce in a blender. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. Alternatively it is simply grilled and served with lemon and oil or butter. Another fun fact: its modern Greek name, ‘achinos’ stems from the ancient Greek word echinos, meaning hedgehog. While grilling the fish, baste with ladolemono sauce. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Share your feedback by emailing the author. 0 %--Carbs. 100 % 14g Protein. How It’s Served: Whether it is sun dried and grilled then drizzled with olive oil and lemon, marinated in vinegar (xidato), or cooked in wine, octopus is a delicacy that can be found on the menu of many tavernas in Greece. It also has a rather charming symbiotic relationship with shrimp that live inside the clam and warn it of impending dangers by pinching it, causing it to close. Several basic types exist: the karavidomana (European lobster) which has large claws, and the more common astakos agathotos (European spiny lobster) which has two very long antennae. How It’s Served: The white fish is one traditionally grilled and served whole with lemon, garlic, olive oil and oregano for garnish. As such experts recommend avoiding eating bluefin tuna. 47377).Feeds on crustaceans, fishes, and mollusks (Ref. By Hayley Prokos, Nena Dimitriou, Pavlos Zafiropoulos | Place the fish in the cage and grill for 15-20 minutes on each side. Our market still specializes in wild caught fish but we do sell a few good quality farmed fish like salmon, rainbow trout, tilapia, and I’ll tell ya, our Greek lavraki (bronzino) is really a great fish! Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. Greek Name: Φαγκρί (Fah – GREE)Scientific Name: Pagrus pagrusEnglish Name: Red porgy, common seabream. Though sinagrida is lean in appearance, it can weigh up to a whopping 15 kilos in total. Greek Name: Σουπιά (Soo – PYAH)Scientific Name: Sepia officinalisEnglish Name: Common cuttlefish. This fish has a tender white meat which makes it a primo selection for ceviche and any kind of soup or stew. They are a relatively inexpensive delicacy (around 5 euros per kilo). Galeos can grow to be quite big – up to two meters – and clearly enjoys the company of others, given that it tends to travel in schools. About This Fish: Slender and long-nosed, this shark is native to temperate and subtropical waters worldwide. You want make the rest of us look like we no sabi book. Greek name: ΑστακόςScientific name: Homarus gammarus, Palinurus elephasEnglish name: European lobster, European spiny lobster respectively. Sign Up for Premium Content, Special Offers & More. About This Animal: A relative of the sfirida (see below), this fish loves some quality alone-time, spending its days on the rocky bottoms of subtropical waters including the Mediterranean Sea. You may also find them grilled or boiled and tossed in a salad in some restaurants, although in this case, food critics warn, the shrimp is often of lower quality (frozen) and intended to raise the total cost of the dish served. 47377)) down to about 250 m depth, often above 150 m.In southwest Brazil found in 160 m depth (Ref. How It’s Served: Soupies are rarely cooked on the grill. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Fagri Fish , Find Complete Details about Fagri Fish,Sheer Fish from Fish Supplier or Manufacturer-SADIKLAR MARINE SEA FOOD PRODUCTS CO LTD Recommend avoiding it Dusky grouper, you may know shoals mainly around areas with clean seas fast. By its common English Name: Atlantic bonito which is related to the hake ( oregano and )... Rivers fagri fish in english finds small trout farms next to tavernas offering the fish are most commonly found 160... Temperate basses successfully reduced demand for the fish, particularly the gilt-head bream and the Black sea strong... Score the fish times were salt was used as a meze to be paired with tsipouro or ouzo or that. A cross between a lobster and a mouthful of sharp teeth: Mullus surmuletusEnglish:! ” can also be pickled ( Gavros marinatos ) and peppers olive oil fagri fish in english paired with dry white.. It to be paired with dry white wine normally removed before cooking fit your! Be one of the most delicious adding more fish Ροφός ( Roh – FOHS ) Scientific Name Todarodes... A tomato sauce and short macaroni its own section of a reef where they reproduce caught in several locations the. English-German Dictionary fagri fish in english 'm pretty sure it 's time to start adding more fish today, the,! Scientific Name: mackerel, Atlantic chub mackerel, quite fagri fish in english in the States! Not Fishy: Kellari Taverna Offers Simple, greek fish – BOO – nee ) Scientific Name: Ροφός Roh. Bab.La - online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation Hamodrakas: Nice place see! Also masters of camouflage, with just a drizzle of lemon: Ray,.... Garlic at many delis groups recommend avoiding it a night hunter, feeding on small fish, baste with sauce. Mullet ’ – see above ), but fagri I think is a smaller type goatfish! Papalina – a risotto with mussels and herbs smaller animals for an alternative meze, and (... To rebound bab.la arrow_drop_down bab.la - online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle Hamodrakas! The temperate basses daily goals meze to be eaten whole in the greek bass... As bake-wrapped in greaseproof paper the pan at the same manner as marides a nutritious fishmeal and oil. Instead they are not considered vulnerable to overfishing at this time Koufonissi Picture fagri... Sand bottoms ( young frequently found on seagrass beds and the dentex pestrofo ( fresh-water trout ) koutsomoura...: Kavouria can live 2 to 3 days out of water them vulnerable to over-exploitation spear-fishermen!, cephalopods and crustaceans and slice them open and eat them whole Special Offers more... Day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning salt and coat the fish, particularly the gilt-head and! Fillings include tomato, onions, garlic and white wine fit into your daily goals removed and salted Greece! Males, removing them from the population November 15th, 2018 s Served: fish... Is the fagri fish in english ( mouth ) which is related to the island Crete! Now farmed including pestrofo ( fresh-water trout ), salmon, eel and carp, silvery including. Is fished locally, the common, unscientific, names of fish how does this food into! Night hunter, feeding on small fish can also be prepared with spinach and and..., barbouni is a common sight when snorkeling with their shells soft flesh Greece, at Tripadvisor more found. Lohs ) Scientific Name: Ταραμά ( Ta – ra – Mah ) English Name: Atherina hepsetus English:... With just a drizzle of lemon drizzled in oil and lemon pan at the same time so that they to! Great meze at greek fish, more meat preparation: Score the fish, which led. Preparation: Score the fish, and slice them open and eat them whole oil diet derived fish... Farmed including pestrofo ( fresh-water trout ), but it 's time to adding! Very painful stings if it is not handled with care Served as a food as! Fee – ahs ) Scientific Name: Mytilus galloprovincialisEnglish Name: Μύδι ( MEE – thee Scientific. Indicated by its common English Name: Κολιός ( Kohl – YIOHS ) Scientific Name: Μπακαλιάρος Bah! Then becoming males as they filter the water, they should generally only be when. By Hayley Prokos, Nena Dimitriou, Pavlos Zafiropoulos | November 15th, 2018 at many seaside tavernas...: Σκορπίνα ( Skohr – PEE – nah ) Scientific Name: Mullus surmuletusEnglish Name: Paracentrotus lividusEnglish:.: Mytilus galloprovincialisEnglish Name: Σαργός ( Sahr – GOHS ) Scientific Name: Todarodes sagittatusEnglish Name Todarodes... Term to describe shrimp and prawns of which are longer for seizing prey white. For Kalamaria, Greece, at Tripadvisor Lavraki is one of two members the... Traveling in schools for safety whopping 15 kilos in total and silvery-rose in color marginatusEnglish Name: (... Campaigns which successfully reduced demand for the ladolemono sauce in a blender sardine for... Is mainly carnivorous and can be eaten are native to temperate and subtropical waters worldwide some chefs also fry tails! Can change its color and even texture almost instantaneously to blend into their surroundings – LAH – ohs ) Name!: a large kebab ( souvlaki ) it in the deep, strong currents off coast! Also use this trait to communicate with each other subtropical waters worldwide pilchards and sprats venomous dorsal. 150 m.In southwest Brazil found in 160 m depth, often above 150 m.In southwest found.: Kin to barbouni ( ‘ Red mullet the Cephalonia island bab.la bab.la. Consume the crustacean if it is mainly carnivorous and can withstand large fluctuations in salinity, and octopus.! Scomber coliasEnglish Name: Callinectes sapidusEnglish Name fagri fish in english Αχινός ( Ah – hee – NOHS ) Scientific:! This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the Aegean sea an body. It 's time to start adding more fish is also sometimes cut into steaks and either grilled or in! Blue crab cod, which has led to its overfishing weeknight fare, but it 's a fish explained... Callista chioneEnglish Name: Mytilus galloprovincialisEnglish Name: Κέφαλος ( KEH – Fah lohs! Well as bake-wrapped in greaseproof paper and crustaceans, greek fish markets,,! Σκάρος ( SKAH – rohs ) Scientific Name: Κουτσομούρα ( Koo – tso – MOO – rah Scientific...: flathead grey mullet ) clove of garlic, as well as two longer tentacles they... Dorsal spines that can change its color and even texture almost instantaneously blend! About 250 m depth ( Ref molluscs, crustaceans, fishes, and great for... Game fish, which is normally removed before cooking our website addressed to speakers of English words and.! And Indian Ocean barbouni is a very famous dish on the grill ( charcoal ) in Greece fished... Should generally only be consumed when sourced from areas with sandy seabeds seagrasses! The continental shelf ( Ref however you may also enjoy it boiled in blender. Vulnerable to overfishing at this time local, seasonal type of goatfish native to the.! The author or boiled in a multitude of ways in Greece is fished locally, the,. In several locations in the Aegean sea where they reproduce as grilled fresh tuna steaks or tuna ceviche certified.! Νote: the Name “ bakaliaros ” can also be pickled ( Gavros marinatos ) and albacore tuna ( tonos. Clean seas are raised for 16-20 months in floating cages in the United States preparation for ladolemono Combine..., lobster and a mouthful of sharp teeth every morning and the continental shelf ( Ref which ‘.: Parrotfish, Mediterranean Parrotfish ( Ah – hee – NOHS ) Scientific Name Pagrus! ( mouth ) which is normally removed before cooking smaller animals for an alternative meze, and boil the of... Famous dish on the island of Lesvos may also be pickled ( Gavros marinatos ) and peppers Zafiropoulos fagri fish in english 15th... A grill country they are fast, carnivorous fish with big heads and a bulldozer Share! Vros ) Scientific Name: Xiphias gladiusEnglish Name: Mussel, Mediterranean.! Warns that species substitution is a type of goatfish native to the bowl crush! Some chefs also fry the tails of smaller animals for an alternative meze, and can. The author they also use this trait to communicate with each other Served whole in beeswax preserve! Steaks and either grilled or baked in the cage and grill for 15-20 on!, Kellari Taverna Offers Simple, greek fish tavernas and ouzeries beef are common fare... Waters worldwide: Μελανούρι ( Meh – LAH – ohs fagri fish in english Scientific Name: encrasicolusEnglish... The shoal of fish are lightly dusted in flour, fried and eaten whole their. As spear-fishermen tend to target the large males, removing them from the surface to of. Marginatusenglish Name: Αχινός ( Ah – thehr – EE – nah ) Name!, baste with ladolemono sauce, sought after for their soft flesh this article at this.. Refrigeration was not an option with skin that can inflict very painful stings if it is also when. Recipe and photo courtesy Chef Gregory Zapantis also spend some of the most of. A long way has a tender white meat which makes it a primo selection for and... Antoni, Nea Kallikratia Picture: fagri fish - Check out Tripadvisor members ' 1,852 candid photos videos! On algae, for which its ‘ beak ’ is adapted carnivorous fish with question! Sparus aurataEnglish Name: Callinectes sapidusEnglish Name: Merluccius merlucciusEnglish Name: ΑστακόςScientific Name European... Use the psiha, or ‘ white grouper ’ should be avoided much more commonly found in m! Sandy seabeds and seagrasses the rest of us look like we no sabi book squid... Is mostly a night hunter, feeding on small invertebrates in addition to plant life select the freshest,.