This customer was also in danger of flooding due to the lack of readily available rebuild parts. New poster here on Gardenweb but I have been a lurker for a very long time. Use a power drill and hole saw to drill the hole. Make sure you have a good working whole house water shut off valve! (951) 780-7283, CA LIC: 677057 © 2019 • Wrench Re-Pipe • Parent Company of Riverside Water Heaters - Riverside Tankless - Riverside Soft Water. Read on to find all of it explained clearly (at last). But in many situations, your old and leaking Tub and Shower Mixer can be replaced without needing a tile repair afterwards. Here we see the installation of the new, modern Shower Valve. Install the new face plate to will help hold the repair escutcheon in place. Hello all! Check the installation specifications that come with the faucet for the proper size of hole necessary for the new faucet to fit through the wall; it should be about a 5-inch diameter hole. Before starting with the installation, measure the pipe spacing and cavity size of where the shower faucet is to be placed. In short, this means if there is not equal pressure on the Hot and Cold sides of the valve, no water will come out and you won’t be accidentally scalded by unexpected hot water. If you want the convenience of a single handle, you’ll have to hide the two holes left by the handles. Call us at 586-459-0040 and ask about a single-handle shower conversion. If the pipes are plastic, use plastic pipe cutting snips or a hack saw. But then again, they do need to work. Master bath was redone in the 70's, bad. Disconnect the pipes from the two-valve faucet. I removed the main handle to expose the valve Turn off the water supply to the shower faucet; this may require turning off all the water to the house. If you’re thinking about converting your shower to a single-handle valve, you’ve come to the right place! The exact text from the Uniform Plumbing Code book, ISSN 0733-2335, states in section 420.0 – SHOWER AND TUB Three handle Shower: Standard Valve will have a … Remove the shower head by turning it counterclockwise. Install a single-lever shower mixer Follow this installation guide steps by steps or play the video to watch the installation. But removing the cartridge and blowing out the valve body easily takes care of this. Place the new faucet in the hole that you drilled. Luckily, there was a closet on the back of this particular Shower Valve. Existing copper supply lines can run directly into the new shower controls or you may wish to replace them with PEX . Of course there’s no 100% guarantee you will not lose a small tile piece during this process, but when doing control cuts, it’s very rare that would happen. Remove the access panel on the back side of the shower behind the faucet area. If an access panel doesn't exist, open the wall on the back side of the shower by cutting the drywall with a utility knife. For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 1 faucet, the cost to Install a Shower Faucet starts at $459 - $747 per faucet. A two-handle shower faucet is installed through two small holes in the shower wall, and a single-lever faucet requires a single larger hole in the shower wall. Do the same with the pipe that supplies the shower head. Open the wall directly behind the existing shower faucet. How to Convert Two Faucets Into One By Kelvin O'Donahue Things You'll Need Ruler Plumbing tools Replacement faucet This centerset lavatory faucet will fit three holes with four-inch spacing between the outer holes. pump for the hot feed and the cold running off the mains? Check for leaks in new pipe connections and tighten or repair them if necessary. Some faucets will have a tub spout port. To estimate costs for your project: 1. They are a must for emergency repairs or natural disaster aftermath. The tile cuts are well within the coverage area of the Repair Plate. This photo shows the tile cuts and the various cross cuts to control the breaking of the tile and concrete wall float behind. Sometimes old bathroom fixtures can add quite a bit of value to your house. Use the type of pipe your new faucet requires. Part 1: The following work example shows how you want this done! How to Convert Two Handle Faucet to Single Handle- Details But Easy To Follow Guidelines For your easy understanding, we’ve divided this single handle kitchen faucet installation or replacement guideline into two parts. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. You will never have a problem finding replacement parts once you convert to a modern valve and future rebuilding and servicing will be a breeze! If joining two types of pipe, such as steel and copper, use manufactured transition fittings designed to attach the two different types of pipe. Also notice the water proofing sealant at the edges of the Repair Plate, faceplate, and even Phillips head retaining screws. Two and three valve handles are not. CLICK HERE to download this article as a PDF, Wrench Re-Pipe • Install the faucet handle and the shower head using plumber's tape on any threaded connections. Instead of wood you can use metal support braces specially manufactured to support plumbing pipes. The purpose for this is to prevent serious harm from hot water scalding. Quick info: live in a 1918 fixer upper. A Two or Three handle Shower: Standard Valve will have lever handles or knob handles. Is it OK to fit a thermostatic shower valve using a single impeller shower pump i.e. When replacing a two-valve faucet with a single-mixer faucet, you are left with the challenge of the two existing holes from the old faucet. Hang the new faucet securely in place by nailing supporting pieces of wood braces between the framing studs and using plumbing support straps to attach the faucet and pipes to the wood braces. Remove the faucet from the wall. As you can see, the Valve Stem on the right had to be broken to be removed. If your old two-handled shower valve is worn out or leaks, don’t despair. This final photo shows the Shower Valve with the Repair Plate, face plate, handle and fixtures installed. Some seem to say this will be OK but others say I need to use a twin impeller pump. Apr 15, 2017 - Shower valve replacement. If it has threaded connections, you can use male adapters that will transition to the type of pipe you want to use -- copper; chlorinated polyvinyl chloride plastic, or CPVC; or PEX, a flexible type of plastic tubing. If attaching copper pipes to the new faucet by soldering, first remove the plastic cartridge from the new faucet to prevent damaging it by excessive heat. Solder in a new one and screw the conversion plate over the hole. I have plenty of pressure from cold water side. This shows a close up of the Repair Plate outline, as well as the cutting guide marks. If it's copper, you will need to solder the pieces into the faucet. Always remove the Tub and Shower Valve Cartridge after installing a new valve and purge the in-wall valve!!! These Pressure Balancing valves have very fine ports and channels the will be blocked and clogged by the smallest installation debris that is IMPOSSIBLE to remove. yes, very easily in most cases, though it can vary from manufacturer . It controls the temperature by mixing hot and cold water from your hot and … If you are looking to update the look of your bathroom, or just want a nicer, cleaner looking tub, watch this video and learn how to convert your three handle tub and shower valve into a one handle tub and shower valve. Re: Convert Three Handle tub/shower to a Single when i replace a shower valve from a three handle to a one handle , and i have to go thru the tile , i use what is called a smitty plate ( i think u refered it as a remodel Shower Valve? Attach the short pieces of pipe from the faucet to the existing hot and cold water supply pipes using couplings. He has been a licensed plumber for more than 30 years with much experience in home projects. Any style may be used; however the size must be accurate otherwise the faucet would not fit the holes. If your home had a double-handle faucet installed already, you will skip this step. Eh? Be sure to wear protective eyewear and gloves while working. This type typically has a tiny (typically hexagonal, but sometimes Philips) set screw on the bottom under the handle: This type has a little pop-off After the new Shower Valve install, there will be no tile gaps or openings. Some plumbers will tell you a tile repair man will be needed after they replace your valve. Place a small bead of latex caulk around the outer edge of the escutcheon plates to prevent water leakage. Turn on the water to the faucet. Attach the shower head pipe to the faucet. The lever or knob handles will rotate for hot and cold water. Upgrade your old shower fittings without having to worry about the cost of a complete remodel with the Moen Remodeling Shower Cover Plate. Use a special cover plate to replace a leaky, old two-handle shower valve with a new scald-proof one-handle valve. Look for shower shutoffs on the water supply pipes near the shower; they may be concealed behind an access panel on the wall opposite the shower, or they might be under the floor if there is a basement or crawlspace below. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. How to Convert a Dual Valve to a Single Mixer Shower Fixture. Shut off the water supply to the faucet by turning off the shower's shutoff valves (if it has them) or by turning off the main water supply shutoff valve to the house. Install the repair escutcheon plate on the faucet if you're using one. Make sure you’re not getting rid of a valuable unrealized treasure! A bathtub faucet is not as easy to replace as a sink faucet, especially when you want your two-handled faucet to have a single … Honestly, if your Shower Mixer valve looks this cool, we hope it lasts for a million years! In older bathrooms, a 2 or 3 handle Tub, Shower, or Tub and Shower valve can go bad, break or be a brand that uses parts that are no longer available. Importance of 3 Handle to 1 Handle Shower Conversion Three-handle shower valves are no longer up to code due to a risk of scalding, and should be replaced with a single-handle, pressure-balanced one, particularly if the shower is used regularly or will be used by children. How to Replace Bathtub Faucets With a Single Handle. In my shower, I would like to convert the valve from a two piece mechanism (the back "gear" swings from one side to the other for temperature and the front knob is for on/off) to a single lever valve (like in hotels). We have a 66 inch double vanity that takes up a whole wall and I want to rip it out and install a single sink 48 inch vanity. I'm new here, not sure if I labeled the subject correctly or not. Shower Faucet Replacement If you have a two-handle faucet, it’s easiest to replace it with another two-handle model. This original Shower Valve had stems and handles that could not be removed. How to Convert a Two or Three Handle Tub / Shower Valve to Single Handle With No Tile Repair In older bathrooms, a 2 or 3 handle Tub, Shower, or Tub and Shower valve can go bad, break or be a brand that uses parts that are no longer available. This cover plate allows you to convert existing two or three handle shower handle systems to a One-Handle system without having to replace the tile in your shower. Plug this port by installing a 3- to 6-inch piece of pipe with a cap on the end. Make the hole at least 12 inches square; you can increase the size later if needed for more working space. In California, building codes require Pressure Balancing Shower and Tub & Shower Valves. Dual function shower valve When you find out that you have problems with your shower valve, it’s best to know at least the parts. Place a mark on the front of the shower wall where the new faucet will be centered. And it they don’t, and repair parts are unavailable, you may have no choice but changing them out. This location should be directly between the two existing holes of the old dual-valve faucet. If the pipes are copper, use a copper tubing cutter to cut the pipes about 6 to 12 inches away from the faucet. Generally, the valve body should be centered 45 to 48 inches above the shower floor, with the showerhead centered at 78 inches. Cut the pipes and remove the old valve. There are two different ways to go with this decision: A dual unit will have two shower heads in one unit. Remove the handles from the dual-valve faucet. Dennis holds a Master of Religious Education degree from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Replace the wall access panel or repair the wall opening on the backside of the shower. How to Replace a Soldered Wall Pipe That Leads to a Sink Trap, How to Tie Into an Existing PVC Plumbing Pipe, How to Repair Broken Two Inch Plastic Pipes in the Spa, Hammer Zone: Installing a Moen Posi-Temp Shower Faucet, Moen: Customer Support -- Frequently Asked Questions, How to Install a Pressure Valve for a Shower Faucet, How to Connect a Shower Drain to an Existing Drain, How to Replace a Tub Spout That Is Stripped. A shower valve performs two basic functions, it controls the temperature and the flow of the water in your shower. Before you make the decision to upgrade or change out your Tub Shower valves, make sure they’re not a valuable unrealized expensive treasure. It is one of the most efficient shower mixing valves that also offers smooth handle control without dripping and leaking. Repair the shower wall if you're not using a repair escutcheon plate. Universal Plumbing & Sewer is licensed, insured, and award-winning, and our technicians are highly-trained and background-checked. Remove the escutcheon plates from behind the faucet handles. Mark the cover hole on the tile and cut it out with an abrasive blade in a jigsaw. No hot water from Moen Single handle shower valve [ 2 Answers ] I am getting no hot water from my Moen single handle shower valve. This means one installation, attaching the shower unit to one water fixture. If the pipes are galvanized steel, unscrew the union nuts that join the faucet and pipes. Because this particular Shower Valve had a 2” x 4” stud almost directly on center of the riser, we also had to cut the back of the wall. The main purpose for this is article is to walk the average consumer through a step by step process on how to replace a single shower head with a dual one. The proper two-handle shower valve must already be in place to install the new faucet. The Danze D113000BT Single Control Pressure Balance Mixing Valve is an ideal option for a single shower, tub and shower combinations, or shower and hand shower combinations. Locate the water pipes that supply the shower faucet. A second shower head, such as an overhead rainfall model, can be completely separate from your in-wall head. You will need to repair the wall to cover the two holes from the old faucet or use a repair escutcheon plate to cover all three holes. After the wall demolition, you can see the great access you’ll have to effect the valve change out. So note down the measurements and buy the right size. Riverside, Corona, Norco, Eastvale, California The thing is that every shower differs from another and this can be tricky. Attach short pieces of new pipe, 6 to 12 inches long, to the new faucet. Lasco S-735-4T Import Diverter Stem ,0489,Delex Pattern Broach, For 3 Handle Tub And Shower Valve, Fits Many Import Valves,White/ Black 4.5 out of 5 stars 78 $12.29 $ 12. Tom Dennis has been writing technical as well as faith-related articles and curriculum since 2008.