httperf(1) httperf(1) NAME httperf − HTTP performance measurement tool ... For example, with ‘‘−−failure−status=504’’ responses with an HTTP status of ‘‘504 GatewayTime−out’’would be considered failures. This tells httperf to use as many TCP connections as possible, thus avoiding bottlenecks. Reply Time: This shows the time taken by the web server to respond to the request, and the time taken to receive this reply. This shows the reply size in bytes. For example, httperf is designed to runasasingle-threaded processusingnon-blocking I/O to communicate with the server and with one process per client machine. Reply Size: This is similar to the request size. $ httperf --server --uri /index.php --print-request --print-reply -d10 If you see non-200 HTTP responses, like this 301 example response below, then you need to ensure you have the correct –uri parameter: This corresponds to a: test duration of at least 150 seconds. Caveat: this option is currently supported for session workloads only (see the−−wsessand−−wsesslog See the httperf man page for more on that. The --timeout option also should be obvious--it tells httperf how long to wait for a server response. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. This flag should probably be omitted if generating load on the same box your application is running on. [alex@example ~]$ httperf --server --port 80 --uri /index.html --rate 300 --num-conn 30000 --num-call 1 --timeout 5. Install httperf from source on CentOS 6. The --ssl option does what it says on the tin--you can use that to test HTTPS performance rather than HTTP. are you sure you are not running out of file descriptors? hi Jordi if it's repeatable, that's good. To obtain a: meaningful standard deviation, it is recommended to run tests long: enough so at least thirty samples are obtained. My problem is the same as this question and this question I basicly want trying to run httperf with 10000 connection in parallel like this [httperf --uri / --server --port 8080 --num-... c benchmarking ubuntu-14.04 httperf c10k how many file descriptors does httperf have access to? With this approach, CPU scheduling is trivial for the OS which mini-mizes the risk of excessive context switching and httperf is a tool for measuring web server performance.It provides a flexible facility for generating various HTTP workloads and for measuring server performance. The focus of httperf is not on implementing one particular benchmark but on providing a robust, high-performance tool that facilitates the construction of both micro- and macro-level benchmarks. B httperf: collects a rate sample once every five seconds. While my examples don't include this, using the "--hog" flag when running httperf on a host dedicated to generating load is a very good idea. Reply status: This shows the status code of the reply that httperf got from the server.