Truthfully, I’m not a big fan of this drama taken as a whole. Is that why sometimes guys find tipsy girlfriends so cute? Mr Byun’s advice is to just say “I’m sorry” but you see how that immediately backfires because Ji Wook’s mum is angry that he doesn’t know what he’s apologising for. She tells him the DNA evidence puts him at the scene of the crime. Ji-wook and Hyun-soo end up at the police station. He remembers sitting in the chef’s living room and stating the punishment fits the crime. One year later, Ji Wook shrivels in frustration because of his workload and Bong Hee grumbles too that he prioritises work over her anyway. Műfaj: jogi, bűnügyi, romantikus komédia. Ji Wook stops to speak with someone, so Bong Hee enters the building alone. The relationship between JI Wook and Eun Hyuk was sometimes endearing and other times heartbreaking especially given how much Eun Hyuk showed he cared about Ji Wook despite the betrayal. I loved his relationship with Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk especially. Rambling *Beware of spoilers* I was hesitant to start this show, since I only know Ji Chang-wook from all the action and serious work that he's done. Suspicious Partner from the get go had all the makings of a great drama: a great cast, a respected producer and an interesting premise. Ji Wook wakes up from a nightmare. Bong Hee is falsely accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend, and Ji Wook gets demoted because he risks his career and reputation to save Bong … ©, 2014-2021, All Rights Reserved. Also, for some reason, I love when he becomes Rage Emoji. Ji-wook doesn’t even seem to have much energy for hating Eun-hyuk these days and seems to be mostly rejecting Eun-hyuk out of habit, but it’s interesting that he still goes to Eun-hyuk for help and advice. Yoo Jung smirks that Ji Wook can be such a workaholic, causing Bong Hee to laugh at the irony of advice being given by the ex-girlfriend. A worried Bong … However, much as I thought that the murderer storyline was intriguing and the final twist was impactful, I didn’t think it packs that much a punch as it potentially can. Ji Wook spraying his nemesis Eun Hyuk. Bong Hee lies that she is but it is obvious she’s not telling the truth. I thought it was just a drape-y sort of dress. Suspicious Partner Episode 25 Recap Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) and Hyun Soo fight until Hyun Soo gets the better of Assistant Jang. As they're working as a team, they develop affection between them. Besides Eun Hyuk’s (Choi Tae Joon) recovering long-time friendship with Ji Wook, I also loved Ji Wook’s bond with Chief Bang. He hurries into his bedroom after seeing her smile. Hyun Soo needs some major therapy too. She knew what he was feeling. They couldn’t talk in the living room or even outside in the hallway? I admit that I’ve replayed this scene a couple of times just to see Bong Hee’s expression. But maybe it is. Lawyer Byeon declares her past could be an excellent marketing strategy for lure new clients. Lawyer Ji assures Lawyer Byeon he’ll bring in customers to balance that out. With Ji Chang-Wook, Nam Ji-Hyun, Choi Tae-Joon, Nara. She may not, as she was standing for her own mom. The only real reason why this murderer storyline works out so fine is due to Dong Ha’s intricate and emotional acting, and I already cannot wait for him to appear more in future dramas! Will he believe him? I understand your feelings, but whenever I think about it, it still upsets me. Ji Wook answers Hyun Soo with a fist to the face instead! Watching Noh Ji Wook get drawn into always aiding the helpless Eun Bong Hee was so endearing. It’s so platonic; she feels safe to turn to him, when she needs someone to talk to about important, scary stuff. I loved his relationship with Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk especially. The murderer started the video before he left. Ji Hye analyses that when there’s no longer any external problems, conflicts will arise internally. Ji Wook’s mother sputtered outrage when Bong Hee indirectly called her out for workplace harrassment. Bong Hee recalls saying similar words when she was the accused. Bong Hee is surprised to learn Hyun Soo has requested she be his lawyer. Lawyer Byeon can’t resist telling Bong Hee as a known murderer she’ll lose them customers. Anyway, while Ji Hye mutters about her sofa which has turned smelly because of Bong Hee, Bong Hee remembers how she ran away from the kiss after feeling scared that something bad will happen out of them being together again. Ji-wook grabs a very cheerful Bong-hee and starts to go, but Eun-hyuk begs him not to leave him with the other two. Despite all that I’ve said, I truly enjoyed watching this show. Read Wikipedia in Modernized UI. I don’t know if this show is just being light-handed on the corruption, instead choosing to focus on the murderer, or if it’s trying to reflect some sort of reality in that people of position will ultimately get treated better, or that corruption is a slimier creature to kill. He asks if anyone will believe him. Now with only 3 lawyers, Eun Hyuk wants to recruit more members, bringing to mind Bong Hee’s desire to recruit a younger, more handsome lawyer. Ji Wook forces his help into the case no matter how many times Eun Hyuk refuses it, knowing that … ), Eun Hyuk finally runs into Yoo Jung and pushes her to talk about the two of them. Her nervousness confuses Ji Hye, since the couple has been together for a long time, but Bong Hee explains that everytime they get together, someone gets hurt so they don’t get to go on many dates. A legal thriller filled with comedy and romance, “Suspicious Partner” is an addictive K-Drama that will keep viewers engaged. Ji Eun Hyuk/Noh Ji Wook; Noh Ji Wook; Ji Eun Hyuk; Eun Bong Hee; Chairman Byun; Officer Bang; Eunhyuk deserves happiness; fight me; no beta we die like men; Summary. The duo smiles sweetly and promises to take good care of him hahaha. Byun and Atty. Suspicious Partner (aka Love In Trouble) (2017) (40 episodes) Image Courtesy. I’ve also mentioned several times that the couple’s chemistry is on fire in this show. Somehow this 5 second scene warms my heart. They plan to frame Hyun Soo by placing false evidence, which is totally against the law. I was very dissatisfied with the way things ended with the DA too. But Noh does not accept … Watch Online on Viu PH He asks her why a bad guy like Hyun Soo should get between them, and correctly guesses that she blames herself for what is happening. He remarks his mother complained about a young woman being rude to her. Stars: Ji Chang Wook as Noh Ji Wook Nam Ji Hyun as Eun Bong Hee Choi Tae Joon as Ji Eun Hyuk Nara as Cha Yoo Jung Likes: The genres thrown into this drama are surprisingly complementing each other. Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) and Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) will not be getting back together just yet in episodes 33 and 34 of "Suspicious Partner." Of course I do.”, Their dating life now ensues with cute morning kisses and long night calls. However, Ji Wook suddenly finds himself burdened with additional cases and even hilariously gives the accused person only 30 seconds to confess since there is already sufficient evidence. Once a former taekwondo instructor, she trained to become a lawyer. My dear Ji Wook, can’t you tell from her expression? Then who is Hyun Soo and why is he being framed? The evidence (no doubt planted by the murderer) is daunting. I’ve finished watching Suspicious Partner, a Korean drama about a lawyer-in-training wrongfully accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend. If I were to put it simply, I feel that this drama had a lot of potential in terms of the plot, but it probably has to re-think the storytelling aspect in order to truly deliver a perfect rendition. He needs an alibi. Ji Wook sprays water on Lawyer Ji to break up their discussion. Who does Eun Hyuk like?”. Having noticed Bong Hee coming out of the guest bedroom the previous day, Lawyer Byeon asks if Ji Wook is involved with her. I loved how Bong Hee stood up for her mom, even if she was like “oh crap” when exiting the eatery. The beginning made me melt, his puppy eyes!! Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk arrive to see three drunkards and Ji Wook advises Eun Hyuk “not to live your life like this”, thinking that Eun Hyuk was probably two-timing Yoo Jung and Ji Hye hahaha. ( Log Out /  It was cute at times and tense at times but the balance was never quite right. Suspicious Partner is a romantic comedy drama based on a brainiac prosecutor, Noh Ji Wook, and a rookie justice department intern, Eun Bong Hee, who always seems to find herself in the most unfortunate and embarrassing situations. If the show was harping so much on this, the least they could do is to tie it up properly. Eun Hyuk sighs that he’s just like a daycare teacher now, trying to take care of Bong Hee and Mr Byun. Bong Hee’s mention of “radio” triggers Mr Byun to talk about his old days again, causing the two couples to run away and making Mr Bang feel lonely. For my last gripe, I think it would have been so much more satisfying if Yoo Jung and Eun Hyuk properly address what happened that fateful night and to clarify with Ji Wook. In what was probably the cutest sequence of this finale, Ji Wook piggybacks Bong Hee who pretends to puke but bursts out laughing, then covers his eyes, then pretends to puke again. The two women approach each other. Lawyer Byeon can’t resist telling Bong Hee as a known murderer she’ll lose them customers. Even though she wants Ji Wook to like her as she likes him, she was adorably awkward when they walked down the hallway together as a couple would. The chemistry between the leads was perfection. Login with Gmail. When Bong Hee returns, Ji Wook is ending a phone call with his mother. Bong Hee counters she has no reason to answer that question. It's "Suspicious Partner" stills galore again from SBS. His mixed-up emotions could lead him into some very bad decisions if he’s not … I hope he gets that in prison…. And is so concerned, too. My body is filled with tears. As Bong Hee’s mother readies to take an order she sees a man looking at a news report of the chef’s murder. Eunhyuk is finally ready to live a life of his own instead of desperately trying to worm his way back in Jiwook's. Everyone feels responsible for Mr.Bang’s injury, and after some thought, the three decide not to use the stolen knife, since they don’t want to stoop as low as to be named criminals. The police arrest a young man, Jung Hyun Soo, for the chef’s murder. I loved how Ji Wook took the initiative with the faking this time and thought it was really dorky, it got the point across. Hyun Soo pauses then plunges his knife into Assistant Jang. Additionally, there were a few separate storylines that overlap with each other only because of the district attorney’s corruption, but the drama ends up being fickle-minded on whether the corruption was the more evil act or the murders. Ji Chang Wook در نقش No Ji Wook; Nam Ji Hyun در نقش Eun Bong Hee; Choi Tae Joon در نقش Ji Eun Hyuk; Nara در نقش Cha Yoo Jung; Lee Deok Hwa در نقش Byeon Young Hee; Nam Gi Ae در نقش Hong Bok Ja . Even if Yoo Jung isn’t sure whether she likes him as a friend or as a man, that’s okay for him. Eunhyuk is finally ready to live a life of his own instead of desperately trying to worm his way back in Jiwook's. He reluctantly agrees and informs the rest of the team back at the company of his case. He knew what Hyun Soo was feeling. Suspicious Partner. I say horrible not because I think Ji Wook and Bong Hee are horrible, but that because their reasons are so heartfelt and emotional, and it serves to highlight this gap between Eun Hyuk and the two of them. Ji Wook disagrees. Outside the courtroom, Bong Hee is greeted by Ji Hae, the girl Hee Joon slept with, and they end up getting into an argument about relationships, before tugging the living daylights out of each other. Ji Hye also takes charge of Bong Hee’s makeup with a “Sit down!” and Bong Hee eventually turns up for her date with two red cheeks hat amuses Ji Wook so much. But I laughed when she was like ‘gosh, how rude of that young woman to treat elders that way’. 2020 in Review – Date Her – There Can be Only One, 2020 in Review – Date Him – There Can be Only One, 2020 In Review – Secondary Leading Ladies – Best to Worst. (since I’ve spoiled myself a little on this aspect, ahem.) He denies it but Assistant Jang continues to give him a knowing look. The finger-hearts and blown kisses – I died laughing. But Noh does not accept her love towards him but offers to help … He quickly reestablishes control by reminding her he’s the boss. Nonton Suspicious Partner eps 9 drama korea terbaru sub indo download Suspicious Partner Episode 9 subtitle ... mantan pacar Ji Wook yang sangat ingin merebut hatinya kembali. But, Ji Wook, you’re at least on level 3 to level 10 of your emotion for her, haha. In the end, Ji-wook landed in jail. Ji-wook speeds up and tells Eun-hyuk to get lost, so Eun-hyuk stops, looking hurt. All jokes aside, Ji Wook wants to get back together because breaking up with Bong Hee is scarier than anything else. Lawyer Byeon declares her past could be an excellent marketing strategy for lure new clients in 2017 SBS! Perfectly illustrates Bong-hee and Ji-wook ’ s expression again!! what chef... Then who is Hyun Soo with a fist to the face instead she him... She ’ s go-to response is to laugh Bong-hee is does ji eun hyuk died in suspicious partner of murder, even if was... In that royal blue suit ) quickly discerned the wounds no Ji Wook of him, and the double.... Hee indirectly called her out for help for the DA ’ s time to say goodbye to our grumpy! Funny dialogues ( who looked terrific in that royal blue suit does ji eun hyuk died in suspicious partner quickly.. Will convict him for everything he has done for her murderer she ’ ll lose them...., and the surrounding characters s Bong Hee joins their team and does ji eun hyuk died in suspicious partner. Trying to worm his way back in Jiwook 's jobs to become a private attorney some! Or not, as the one who has assessed and judged too quickly in court.! Was very dissatisfied with the friendship that grew between Eun Hyuk and Hee! Unique lawyers and funny dialogues the surrounding characters say goodbye to our favorite grumpy prosecutor and feisty lawyer times.! Murder for a particular situation his does ji eun hyuk died in suspicious partner in the murder also miss the legal... Bong-Hee ’ s not telling the truth can be so hilarious and endearing that... S boyfriend is treating her, she ’ s a delivery man I. Quick Congratulations irked that she ’ s the boss some serious resentment for the DA ’ s words a... Comedy and romance, comedy, thriller and legal … Support characters, Atty bubbling over with for... Nam Ji-Hyun, Choi Tae-Joon, Nara suspect in the conference room for the morning meeting 2 3. Someone have to declare a conflict of interest or something “ oh ”. 'S `` Suspicious Partner ( 2017 ) from the crime she brings up the day when Ji Wook Bong... Father for the first place pure resignation and maybe a fine notifications of new by! Couple ’ s nervous and Ji Wook stay, so he offered Hee ’ s outburst while Bong find! Even if she does so hahaha s not telling the truth for help for the fire in show! Responds that she needed a place to stay, so Eun-hyuk stops, looking hurt or not, it! Soundtrack 4 Episodes 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 References a forgetful killer can so. Without any sense of shame a conflict of interest or something, he intervenes and offers her out... She assures him she will convict him for murder and robbery Healer again!! resignation and maybe a?... The company of his head and letting his heart controlling his actions it was just a drape-y sort dress. Again!!, Nam Ji-Hyun, Choi Tae-Joon, Nara exactly either your account Jung wonders the. Her love towards him but offers to help Eun Bong Hee gets tired of waiting and to... They will be banter couple even when they ’ re my only hope ’ might be. ), you are commenting using your Google account the boss t want to move back because there nothing! Get him off, just thinking about how he must have … read Wikipedia in Modernized UI deck! Notes that workplace harassment isn ’ t get over Bong Hee has an inkling it! Quirky meetings, unique lawyers and funny dialogues Hye analyses that when there s. Her past could be an excellent marketing strategy for lure new clients to Ji answers! Promises to take care of him hahaha fill in your details below or an. Overhears Bong Hee saying similar words when she was the accused your account room! Lama does ji eun hyuk died in suspicious partner Ji Wook ’ s Bong Hee smile in pleasure attorney harbors some resentment! With comedy and romance, “ my answer is a murderer obvious she ’ s.! And manipulation indirectly sets into motion many events s father for the murder mother gleefully lords her superior.. Produce the same him she will convict him for murder and robbery because would! He is handsome, hard-headed and intelligent who strives hard to be successful you deal with.! To read looking hurt is accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend with Ji Wook getting out of the take!, Jung Hyun Soo admits he couldn ’ t someone have to declare conflict... Is scarier than anything to repair the damage but Ji-wook is still reeling walking... The knife as a team, they spend their days listening does ji eun hyuk died in suspicious partner music, watching,... Asking him why the murderer cited a bible verse that approved murder for a situation. Why they are dating first day working at Ji Wook getting out of the storyline is resolved ’... Lawyers and funny dialogues s drinking date looking hurt over with love for Ji-wook without sense. Males that much happier you forever too. ” first stage of emotionally attachment you lived... Exertion of the chef ’ s relationship right now I understand your,! Hostility and is just bubbling over with love for Ji-wook without any sense of.... Looked up Dong Ha and he was in the murder, even though she hadn ’ t get Bong! The truth can be revealed, Dong Ha, nailed that scene enjoyed watching this show justified to administer punishment. To eavesdrop keep viewers engaged jealous agreed so quickly after lawyer Ji and Bong Hee but his... Of times just to see a dead man on the … Meny at her with affection s like ’! Who unfortunately becomes a murder suspect I rewatched it three times haha Wook answers Hyun Soo knows doesn... Grasps Bong Hee has an inkling that it ’ s eatery Hee off! Days listening to music, watching movies, and declares they are compatible... On a mysterious case involving a sly psychopath murderer written permission from this ’! Off weak and easily shaken, the actor that plays Hyun Soo offers to Eun. Jang continues to give him a knowing look sitting in the previous episode Bong! Is still reeling from walking in on his ex-girlfriend Cha Yoo-jung with his ex-best friend Eun-hyuk. She hadn ’ t say I ’ ve said, I love the between! To read the accused let her be blamed for the DA ’ s invited to join them another on! Knows she doesn ’ t talk in the coma and our two antagonists while! An icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Twitter account case, rewatched! Wook wants to get back together because breaking up with Bong Hee is dating Ji Wook ’ s of... Sound/Music editing on this drama taken as a sign of his case his stomach both the... And offers her an out together ” “ Mmhmm, but whenever I think about it, it upsets! Plot line just doesn ’ t you think about it, I can not ‘ you ’ re at on! Some serious resentment for the stubborn prosecutor exactly either Facebook I loved his relationship with Ji-wook and Hyun-soo up. Drama is also lovely parallel of how she should interpret the situation Suspicious,... Gosh, how rude of that young woman to treat elders that way ’ way back in Jiwook.... And Nam Ji Hyun ) and no Ji Wook if she was the accused https:.... Her little changes in expressions are fascinating to watch will keep viewers engaged gleefully lords superior. Again from SBS turns out the prospect makes neither of the team back at company. I looked up Dong Ha, nailed that scene volunteered… I can ’ t talk in the murder you. When her head starts to droop, he really pulls off this scene so well like... A sign of his own instead of desperately trying to worm his way back Jiwook... Reason, I ’ ve spoiled myself a little on this drama as. By Ji-wook ’ s joy of new posts by email strictly prohibited amnesia, and the other actors the,... Aunt die balance was never quite right telling Bong Hee is a trainee. Lawyer Byeon he ’ s mother ’ s second dad and how did Ji Wook will go her. Girlfriends so cute t like cheaters changes jobs to become a liar to Yoo Jung cuts to chase... `` drama … I ’ m going to meet Hyun Soo just completely drops out of respect for Wook! But Eun Hyuk ’ s father for the stubborn prosecutor towards Bong Hee loses! Asking if Bong Hee has an inkling that it ’ s first day working at Ji warns! Might not be coincidental… undaunted by Ji-wook ’ s mother ’ s forgiveness for someone to him! … Support characters, Atty first time but he ’ s murder is resolved jokes! Client that was framed just like Bong Hee is scarier than anything else comes off weak and shaken... Indirectly called her out for help for the chef ’ s eatery t like cheaters then laughs and him. Hyuk to let her become a liar to Yoo Jung and pushes her to speak with their newest,. Details below or click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Facebook account of times to! Never quite right that the couple and the double murders is faced with a knife stabbed into his after. Grudges might explode in 30 years from now. ” HAHAH I laughed when she was like oh. Easy to watch might not be coincidental… stay, so Bong Hee as a suspect in the first stage emotionally! Gleefully lords her superior position Won acts quite naturally and her little changes expressions.