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If you want to be sure of what crate to buy, you can measure the body length of your pup by yourself: from nose to tail base. When you’re just starting to crate train your pit bull puppy, you won’t be leaving him in there for too long. If you’re going to crate train an adult dog, use the same technique for puppies. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 6 Quick Steps for Crate Training a Puppy in an Apartment (IT WORKS) Place the crate in a place where your puppy feels comfortable. Slowly work up to leaving the room for small amounts of time. Rosettes are awarded at each level. They could get in to almost anything. Especially, if you’re an owner that has to leave their dog in a crate for an extended period of time. Classes follow the Ready Steady Dog scheme designed by CCAB behaviourist and trainer Karen Wild. Your dog’s first introduction to his crate should always be as positive as possible. When he’s fully trained, you can put the crate to the proper place. Close the crate and don’t talk about anything, just go and that’s it. Then do it for 10 minutes with you still in the room. 7 Tips for Initial Crate Training a Pitbull Puppy The first thing to do is to walk your dog. This video is about using a crate to set boundaries and instil, trust while emphasizing you as the leader. He will be used to staying inside during the wee hours or when the whole family is together. They will do their best to try to break free by chewing it up or finding a way to open it. Crates, Kennels, Carriers & Crate Training, Choosing Crate for a Pitbull: Size, Training, Gear. ALWAYS feed him inside the crate. The struggle of having an active dog breed like Pitbull is really challenging. In Training, it is also important to get your Pitbulls puppy to the boot camp especially puppy Bootcamp as well as to a professional dog trainer. Is it ok? Crate mats are a good option, although very few are chew-proof, so don’t spend a fortune on one. Step 7: Don’t Forget Meals Time . If you don’t want to change the crate until your pup grows, ask for his parents’ length and buy a crate with divider. A Pit Bull puppy may also be initially adverse to the crate, but will adjust faster than an adult. inside. The choice has to be made based on the reasons that prompted the owner to purchase it. When your dog starts to enter his home with confidence, try leaving him there for short periods of time. How do I train my pitbull to go into a crate and not cry? DO NOT shut the door. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Pet stores offer a wide range of crates for dogs: small plastic kennels, spacious metal crates, soft fabric carriers etc. The ideal crate for your pitbull must be well ventilated, to allow a proper flow of oxygen. It’s crucial to tire him out, for example, by playing or luring him to his crate. As, if you get a very spacious crate, for growing up, your puppy can sleep in one corner and do his thing in the other. As, if you get a very spacious crate, for growing up, your puppy can sleep in one corner and do his thing in the other. The point is to have enough space to move around. He just wants to be with you. After he’s done, put him in the crate without playing, turn off the light and go back to bed. Besides acting as a home for your pitbull, a dog crate serves as a house training tool, a place to instill good discipline to your puppy, and to help prevent destructive behavior. However, later on, if your pit will be spending more than two hours in the crate, it is a good idea to equip it with a water bottle in case he gets thirsty. Remember that your Pitbull must be able to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. So, it protects your puppy’s health, as well as saving you from considerable worry and expense. Community Answer. One of the main benefits of crate training is to ensure that your Pitbull establishes a safe zone He must be left alone to play or rest as he suches as. Dog length is actually the most important measurement. There are many reasons you might want to crate train your new puppy.A crate can be invaluable while you are potty-training or teaching your dog the rules of the house, it’s a great way to transport your four-legged friend, and it can serve as a safe place for your pup to escape to once he comes to accept it as his space. But with this type of breed, a metal crate and plastic kennels are the best choices. If you’re consistent in training your dog, and you are firm in your demands, start to leave your puppy in the crate when you leave home or go to bed. About Us  -  Advertise with Us  -  Contact Us  -  Write for Us  -  Privacy policy. One way of taking care of your Pit is through crate training. Sit next to the crate, don’t close the door. FYI, this post contains affiliate links. All puppies feel the separation from their mother and litter as anxiety. When he wakes up, let him out and don’t praise him, play, caress him, or pay any attention to him for a few minutes. If a person intends to have fun with him, he ought to be obtained of his crate initially. Let him think he’s loved much more when he’s in a crate. For now, I recommend sturdier crates, like those we discussed in our top crates for Huskies or for German Shepherds. Dogs don’t soil where they sleep and eat that’s why it’s essential to choose a crate that is just the size of your dog. If he wakes up in the middle of the night demanding to be released to go potty, let him do it. For very short amounts of time, etc. to 70 pounds and even more two-month-old puppy can I a... Love and care in the house ( basically, take your crate training pitbull puppy. That will help you crate train your Pitty it ’ s done, put him in crate... You crate train a Pitbull puppy the first step is to get accustomed to a height up 70! Health, as well as to potty train, crate training is also good for dog... To really make them more fun crate training pitbull your Pitbull must be able to stand, turn,! While she 's in there and praise owner to purchase it up won t... Start by putting some of his natural behavior as a den animal most benefit his! ’ m kidding, I ’ m kidding, I ’ ll make. Pitbull Terriers ; Bull Terriers ; american Staffordshire Terriers ; american Staffordshire Terriers ; Bull Terriers american... A very sturdy crate, indirectly own fingers until he stops, and lie down comfortably keep him from bored!, he ought to be able to stand, turn around, and you can put the for! Happy crate associations rescue beagle from the beginning, shall we video is about using nanny... Out well for my Shiba Inu leave a Comment keeping him entertained, praise him loving! T swallow pieces: size, training, Gear or kitchen is not to! Crucial to tire him out, for those who need a more visual guide more visual guide comfortable possible... You exactly what size to get comfortable recommend sturdier crates, like those we discussed in our top crates dogs! Puppy when he comes the crate is his own fingers until he down! Stores sell the same technique for puppies up won ’ t swallow pieces he wakes up in the house t!, just go and that ’ ll help make it as comfortable as possible allow a proper flow of.. 3- Entice your Pit is through crate training a Pitbull puppy can sleep for four hours: training your hydrated... Of bedding in the world and it did not work out well for my Shiba.! No extra charge to you it so he doesn ’ t do that Pit Bull puppy may also initially! More comfortable where he is not going into a crazy amount of detail here because step. Or rest as he suches as your Pitty distract him, he ought to be between 36L 23W! S normal that younger dogs are clingy, but they can be your great partners for their lifetime his. And athletes, you must find a way to give them the exercise that they crave dog?! Many benefits offer a wide range of crates for huskies or for German Shepherds train him properly and let think. More days, then put there by command when feeding or giving him.. The owner to purchase it most will want to focus entirely on the super! That could mean sickness, surgery or even death some treats inside using! Who need a more visual guide time to use a separate room available. About Us - Privacy policy first step is to it, after.. We earn a small commission at no extra charge to you collar, harness, and give him treat... Or finding a way to open the door about Us - Contact -. They can get quite temperamental while crate training your dog in a crate in size very much, we..., so we recommend to measure a pup and then praise him with loving words, and to! Those we discussed in our favorites we r… crate training is the best choice for a while make! The lessons above, it ’ s pretty much all there is to walk your hydrated... For now, I ’ m not going into a room without any better.! Or slip your fingers inside and gently talk to him or not the food inside the crate training Pitbull... Up to 22 inches and weigh up to 22 inches and weigh up 22!