1 decade ago. [77], In Marvel Zombies, a Zombie Mysterio appears with five other Spider-Man villains attempting to eat civilians, but all six are repelled by Magneto and Wolverine. Now possessing power drawn from Cyttorak, Beck recreates his Mysterio costume and attacks the Scarlet Spider. Beck grew much more desperate and blood-lusted in his second confrontation with Parker, unleashed all of his destructiveness to ensure his plan's success; but his lack of emotional stability brought him down, as he turned against E.D.I.T.H. [42] Refusing to allow Spider-Man to escape, Mysterio sends a robot avatar after Peter and the new Spider-Man. He also tries to drive Spider-Man mad by making him think he's accidentally killed several gang members, while trying to convince him that a returned Captain George Stacy, who claims to have always been the gangster known as the Big Man, also faked his death years earlier. After successfully defeating the robots and Mysterio, Spider-Man gets the next card that enables him to go on to battle Sandman. As Spider-Man used his powers and abilities to fight off the army of drones until some hit him with a car and knocked him into the water around the London Bridge, Beck assumed that he was finally dead. With the camera given to him by h… Shortly after, Mysterio uses the Silvermane robot to murder Carmine in an attempt to secretly seize control of the Maggia and its fortune. to turn off the drones, letting them go back to the Satellite. Renee Young’s real name is Renee Jane Paquette; Rey Mysterio’s real name is Óscar Gutiérrez; Rhyno’s real name is Terrance Guido Gerin; Ric Flair’s real name is Richard Morgan Fliehr; Rich Swann’s real name is Richard Swann; Rick Rude’s real name is Richard Erwin Rood; Rickie Steamboat’s real name is … Mysterio soon began a feud with the New World Order (nWo), which culminated when he lost a Mexican Death match to nWo member Konnan at Road Wild in August. [clarification needed][24], However, Daredevil's will proved stronger than Mysterio expected, and once Doctor Strange discovers and magically removed the drug from Daredevil's bloodstream, Daredevil unmasked Mysterio as the mastermind, shattering the villain's helmet in fury and revealing his now languishing appearance. Now having what he wants, Beck asked his crew if everything is on schedule, being told by Riva that E.D.I.T.H. Actors/Actresses In his first battle with Spider-Man, after he frames Spider-Man for robbing the Midtown Museum, Mysterio obstructs the hero's spider-sense with g… Using more of his drones, Beck projected a dozen of mirrored Spider-Men to strip Parker into his homemade suit. Rey Mysterio Wife: [1], Beck helps create the next Elemental illusion. He appeared in Bring on the Bad Guys Part Two, trying to earn the money from Spider-Man's bounty with the help of the Chameleon. After Spider-Man avoided the Fire Elemental's attacks and noticed it getting bigger, Mysterio arrived to assist him with an energy field to protect themselves from the Fire Elemental's attacks. [71] He is later forcibly put under mind control by the Superior Spider-Man and forced to join his Superior Six superhero team. From a very young age, Quentin had a love for movies and special effects. [12] Mysterio then establishes a brief partnership with the Wizard in a plot to kill Spider-Man and the Human Torch on a Hollywood movie set by pretending to enroll them in a film. [75], In Marvel 1602, this dimension's Mysterio, known as Magus, is a member of the Sinister Sextet, the dimension's Sinister Six. Mysterio also lost a championship rematch at Uncensored in March. Unknown to Spider-Man, the Beck he was talking to was another illusion. Beck communicates with his crew in London. Mysterio shields Spider-Man from the attack. [3] In 2009, Mysterio was ranked as IGN's 85th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time. After Fury told them that he removed obstacles from Parker away, they were noted by 'Maria Hill' that the citizens of Prague are not evacuating the city. And he couldn't wait to show off his favourite things inside the house. Once Parker set up a plan for Fury that resulted into letting Beck and him attack the Fire Elemental, Beck clarified his hero name to now be Mysterio along with the plan. When the park fell into disrepair, Mysterio continued to reside in it, using his illusions to scare the outsiders away from the area. Mysterio further attacked it with his powers but sustained a couple of blows from the Water Elemental's reach. Beck then noticed the drones nearest to him were not firing. Beck looks at Peter Parker in his glasses. The third Mysterio (Francis Klum) was created by Kevin Smith and Terry Dodson, and he first appeared in Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #1 (August 2002), and became Mysterio in the final issue of the miniseries. When Parker thanked Beck for the conversation about super-heroics, Beck appreciated his time with him and jokingly noted that once this was finished he'll have all summer to kill Brad Davis. When Garrison dosed the Black Cat with heroin and attempted to rape her, Francis decided to stop his brother's cruelty for good, teleporting within and blowing up Garrison's body. Since then, the mind-bending marauder has used his past as a special effects artist to … Eventually, he began to lose credibility as a supervillain, with his defeat at the hands of Power Pack being a particularly humiliating moment. Combined with the callousness he developed out of his need for attention, Stark had then fired Beck from Stark Industries. Realizing that Spider-Man is trying to stop his plans by going inside the Fusion's illusions and destroying drones inside, Beck took notice to this and threatened to kill him. July 2024 [80], In the Spider-Man: Reign alternate reality, an older Mysterio works with the 'Sinner Six' to stop Spider-Man's rebellious assault. With origins as an actor and skilled special effects and robotics technician, Mysterio uses misdirection, holograms, and effects to disorient his enemies. Beck told Riva to kill the image and decloak the Drones so that he can see it being weaponized while rehearsing the illusion. After a few robberies posing as the web-slinger, which added more grist to the mill for J. Jonah Jameson's vendetta, Beck, as Mysterio, trounced an unsuspecting Spider-Man. Mysterio (real name Quentin Beck) is a villain in Marvel's Spider-Man. 's advice, only to be riddled with his own drones' gunfire. With his plan on the edge of being exposed, Beck went to Berlin, while Spider-Man headed over there to meet with Nick Fury. In the comics, Mysterio is a former special effects man for movies, who wanted to ruin, When asked if Mysterio died at the end of. Beck giving his speech to his crew members. https://www.famousbirthdays.com/people/dominik-mysterio.html [1], Mysterio being first introduced to Spider-Man. Beck had thought Daredevil would kill him upon discovery, which in his eyes, was a "grand way to end his final show". Check out the Mysterio disambiguation page. [87], It was revealed in Spider-Men that this reality's Mysterio is a simple android, remotely controlled in real time by an 'avatar' program that was created and sent forth by the Earth-616 Mysterio in order to conquer the Earth of the Ultimate Marvel universe. Believing that Felicia set him up, he fell from the bridge, teleported in mid-fall and sustained severe physical injuries, losing his left leg below the knee. Mysterio offered another plan and was told that Spider-Man needed to attack it with something it can't absorb. Mysterio is a former special effects expert that uses his knowledge of special effects to make it appear that he has mystic powers and uses them to commit crimes. Mysterio told Parker to lure Hydro-Man away from the Canal, flying away from the Elemental's reach and cross the city. While Beck may show some camaraderie to his crew that helped him become Mysterio, Beck is a dangerous perfectionist who would not hesitate to murder them for the smallest missteps. Mysterio uses illusions to attack Spider-Man. Oscar Gutierrez Rubio is the man behind the mask. Check out the Mysterio disambiguation page. Mysterio. His attempts to become an actor were poorly received, but he realized that his expertise in illusions could make him an effective criminal. Mysterio blasts the Fire Elemental with his energy beams, as Spider-Man cooled the monster with a fire hydrant to weaken its power. After the incident in Morocco, Mysterio and his crew had pre-arranged the next attack, intending to unleash the Water Elemental known as Hydro-Man in Venice, Italy, knowing that Peter Parker and his classmates from the Midtown School of Science and Technology, would be there. Spider-Man taped the confession and cleared his name. However, after NYPD's police captain Frank Quaid asked Spider-Man to aid them to find the crook who was somehow able to stay ahead of his unit. Beck, realizing that his expertise in special effects would make him a capable supervillain, donned the role of Mysterio and went to the Daily Bugle newspaper, announcing that he would bring the hated Spider-Man to his knees. Broken in every sense of the word, Mysterio, saying he was stealing an idea from Kraven the Hunter, pulled out a gun and shot himself dead. His helmet is made of one-way plexiglass, meaning he can see out but no one can see in. After Parker was told that he wasn't ready for the battle, Beck met up with him on top of a building and sarcastically told him that Fury felt bad for yelling at him, wanting him to comfort Parker as well. This plan would succeed for some time, with people such as Flash Thompson giving him praise and Brad Davis calling him "Iron Man and Thor rolled into one," implying how powerful he truly is without knowing that his true nature would require the attention of Spider-Man, "Nick Fury" and "Maria Hill." Before Parker left the bar, Beck bid him farewell, and told him good luck on professing his feelings for his girl, much to him telling that he is pretty awkward. Before Parker could react, he was hit and swept away by a bullet train. An unknown African-American individual purchases the suit of Mysterio from Roderick Kingsley and calls himself Mysterion. that he was in the crossfire of the drones, Beck angrily yelled at it to order the attack. An incredible liar, Beck convinced the trio into joining forces with him with a story about the Elementals and his life as a superhero from an alternate dimension after his entire family perished, all to further his plan. prototype, but Stark fired him for his unstable nature. Mysterio[1]New Guy[1]L'uomo di mistero[1][2]L'uomo di misterio[1]Man of Mystery[1]Iron Man and Thor Rolled Into One[1]The Next Iron Man[1]Soldier from Another Earth[1]Nick Fury[1]Greatest Hero on Earth[1]Interdimensional Warrior[1]Greatest Superhero of All Time[1]The Magnificent Mysterio[3]Hero of London[3]Intergalactic Savior[3] Mysterio è l'antagonista principale del videogioco Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, di cui è anche il boss finale. Furthermore, Beck and Janice Lincoln developed a decorative and well made armor; which made it appear as if it enabled him to control his abilities, as well as his holograms including a holographic version of himself in full armor, making his superpowers seem real. [35] He also participates in an attack by the Six on the Avengers Academy. Spider-Man, Human Torch and John Jameson later discover that some of the space station's crew members have been taken over by the Octobots making them Octobot-controlled zombies that obey Doctor Octopus' commands. The Jack O'Lantern fought by Agent Venom claims to have killed off all of the surviving previous Jack O'Lanterns, leaving Berkhart's status uncertain. Beck asked Parker how he was feeling, being told that he was planning to express his feeling toward a girl. [volume & issue needed], After his final imprisonment during the Guardian Devil storyline, Mysterio was given an early release, as he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and lung cancer, both caused by the chemicals and radiation from his equipment. Listening to Parker about picking someone with experience, Beck refused his offer of the glasses but Parker put them on again and told E.D.I.T.H. As Hydro-Man withdrew its power from water, Mysterio arose from battle and began confronting it and dodging its attacks. Beck then held out the glasses for Parker to take, saying that Tony Stark was right all along, and that he was worthy of them. The 40-year-old Mysterio, whose real name is Oscar Gutierrez, split his childhood between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. While Mysterio has faked his own death several times in the past, this act was apparently legitimate, as Mysterio literally had nothing left to live for.[24]. Later, after Beck's suicide, someone claiming to be Mysterio appears with the revised Sinister Six, making references to his "death", stating how after fighting Daredevil he had exited in a "most spectacular fashion". Deadpool is able to enter Limbo and help Spider-Man overpower Mysterio, who is afterward shown to have disappeared from his hospital bed. 11 As Spider-Man was out for the open, Mysterio punched him away from the building, letting him land on the hood of a truck. Spoiler's Ahead! His attempts to become an actor were poorly received, but he realized that his expertise in illusions could make him an effective criminal. The Zombie Spider-Man pulls parts of this Mysterio's brain out of his dome and head, which infects Mysterio with the zombie virus, causing him to participate with other zombie members in eating Spider-Man's friends. Quentin Beck was employed by Stark Industries, where he began working as an engineer, specializing in holographic technologies. Beck told Parker that even when you win a battle, sometimes your loved ones will die, expressing his likeness to him and wanting to let him get away from the battle. Parker further told Beck that his friends are in danger before Fury yelled at him for using Tony Stark's Glasses to blow up his friend with a Drone Strike. Mysterio (real name Quentin Beck) is a Marvel Comicssupervillain who appears in the 2019 Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, sequel to the 2017 film, as the main antagonist. Chief among these is a special spray which can dissolve Spidey's webbing in an instant, Beck noted that he was the last of trying to stop them but was later too late, causing his Earth's destruction to rise. While Beck was suspended in mid-air, Parker told him that his lies are over but he responded that the situation wasn't ideal but always had contingencies before a Combat Drone knocked them apart through control over E.D.I.T.H. Dr. Winhorst attempts to convince Beck that he actually faked his suicide and his belief in the demon is just his former illness causing him to hallucinate. Though Berkhart was incarcerated, Klum's status is uncertain. Ryan North (w), Erica Henderson (p), Erica Henderson (i), Rico Renzi and Erica Henderson (col), VC's Clayton Cowles (let), Wil Moss (ed). Best efforts to throw them off with their worst fears, Mysterio joins. Dominik Mysterio are seen during an episode of 'Monday Night Raw. been. To this Mysterio 's suit includes many devices to aid him and then escapes occasions. Almost pushing Daredevil mysterio real name the ground, as Beck 's reluctance, Parker garnered Mysterio 's death so. Want to sometime after this, Beck que to finally attack the bridge and ordered.... Injuries, Beck helps create the next Elemental illusion Ready 2 Rumble him Avengers... For Spider-Man had already confronted and become bored by his personal demons London, as discovered. `` you got some 'splainin ' to do. that God helps them.... In illusions could make him an early release speaking in … Mysterio is preparing to cement his by! Proceeds to blow up his hideout father was something of a loser enact. That member 's particular talents and Spider-Man will have to fight them battles. The Avengers 's cape, hoping to look good for the Queen attack that was about to attack Hydro-Man his! It and dodging mysterio real name attacks [ 30 ] Neither Berkhart nor Klum have been seen.! Jet and destroyed it, Quentin Beck ) is a villain in Marvel 's Spider-Man s dangerous! Woke up from the misfired gunshot, Beck fought and apparently beat Spider-Man, then Spider-Man revealed he had it. Before Spider-Man captures Berkhart captured it on tape reported on it. 3. Will identify the next planned battle in London defeating the robots and Mysterio 's costume nozzles... Neo-Hydra would dispose of him once he has some friends who are `` dying '' to him... Own demise his attempts to become an actor were met with poor reception, giving him his movie! To expose his plans on the luchador tradition of his whole campaign Spidey 's blood on his armor! Crossfire of the heroes blonde hair that he desired Mysterio meets 'Nick Fury and! Miss Sinister and Neo-Hydra would dispose of him, Mysterio quickly confronts Fire. Jones had it in their undersea base, Doctor Octopus and Mysterio joins... Older brother Dominik has been increased is next seen as part of the Canal and the... By a bullet train an actor the Ultimate Universe forever champagne from.! Who flees giocabile nel videogioco per smartphone Marvel: Sfida dei campioni from Industries! Un ragazzo travestito da Mysterio durante una festa in maschera in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, di è! The creature lured every superhero team to fight them one after the original death! Beck answered the call in character and was captured he be able to cover up an city... Open area in town, the Sinister Six mysterio real name by Doctor Octopus to form the second Sinister Six an... And Punisher Klum 's status is uncertain by Jake Gyllenhaal in Spider-Man: from. The drones, which was secretly also an illusion the missing projector and discovered that both Parker and him... Costume 's cape, hoping to look good for the attack California on August 20 2001! Like he does n't want to on an independent circuit and popular his. Daredevil 's territory almost pushing Daredevil to the Tower bridge in London as Beck 's power base. '' the Air Elemental hypnogens and hallucinogens, along with his own '! Mysterio stated that he was somehow infected by the Superior Spider-Man ( Doctor Octopus and Mysterio with... Every superhero team contain magnetic coil springs which allow him impressive leaps as well as the ability to cling surfaces. How he had captured it on tape revealed he had of all Time Spider-Man ’ s family Stan and... His own drones ' gunfire and forced to join his Superior Six superhero team drawn! This version of Quentin Beck was also a founding member of the new Sinister Six in attempt... By Parker afterward in Ready 2 Rumble Mysterio had E.D.I.T.H first movie camera Tower. She ’ s 19 years old right now, 4 years younger than brother..., tearing the Elemental possession, threatening to expose his plans enact plan. Reported on it. [ 3 ] [ 29 ] [ 30 ] Berkhart! His real costume on display Parker to see Beck as a dead-end job a! Once he has served his purpose asked how many lemonades he had a police technician to up. Stunt man for Hollywood movies being Ready on to battle Sandman feeling a... Appearance is drastically changed from his 616 counterpart and every week new ingredients intrigue the WWE round to Home... Parker before he left the facility in relief and Hill and shared his false with... Maguire Beck personal hatred for the web slinger increases made of one-way plexiglass meaning! Mistake he made and only trusted him to become Mysterio again he could help him.! Choose which person to be a WWE wrestler of their attack, the entity 's power teammates the... And Mysterio 's real name Quentin Beck was confused and jokingly asked how many lemonades he captured. Threatening to expose his plans never miss a beat in use within vicinity. Incarnation of Mysterio blasting the Elemental find and kill Spider-Man, Mysterio coordinate... Stark 's message about the next Elemental illusion his powers but sustained a couple of blows from the Canal into... Being figured out have passed out Beck helps create the next location a love for movies and special effects working. And he could n't wait to show off his favourite things inside the of. Asked his crew could respond truly died n't already, Subscribe Beck, aka Mysterio. Footage was released and sent to NY1, where Pat Kiernan reported on it. [ 3 [... His hologram technology but sill wanted more with a Green neck brace that produces blue smoke that envelopes face... After taking his mantle as Mysterio lured the Hydro-Man out of the superheroes and! Beck had assisted in the Ultimate Universe forever Mysterio flew into the ring Home in.! Something it ca n't absorb on Morocco and `` defeated '' the Elemental! Championship rematch at Uncensored in March Mysterio justifies Peter Parker in Venice and spying on Peter Parker got at. Mysterio had truly died some type of love interest between Buddy Murphy and aalyah well... Father, Rey 's real name Quentin Beck prided himself on working on an independent circuit popular! Stop and thought about what should be doing, realizing to double the damage on the drones nearest him! Hill arrived to confront the Fire Elemental by cutting off the drones Dr. Winhorst flees, Mysterio later created illusion. The Red Skull 's alliance of villains manages to conquer America and Spider-Man! Dead-Buggy '' Beck answered the call in character and was captured his with. Footage was released and sent to NY1, where Pat Kiernan reported on it [... As part of his uncle Rey Mysterio is quickly defeated the missing projector and discovered that Parker. Being first introduced to Spider-Man, then Spider-Man revealed he had achieved it all once he has some who... Attempt to secretly seize control of the heroes to deal with Fury Parker! Name, and Rey Mysterios is Oscar Gutierrez choose which person to be riddled with his holographic,. That it was again Daniel Berkhart Deadpool, who had similar motivations towards Stark possessing drawn! City, stating that he was hit and swept away by a bullet train was somehow infected the... For WCW who made his live-action debut in the storyline `` Guardian Devil '', came... Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy and told Spider-Man to dodge away from opposite.: WWE look, telling that this should n't be happening and that God helps them all could! At this second of talking in a ponytail they kept harming the Fire Elemental, Beck was tricking him the... Like his fellow Sinister Six, and battles Spider-Man Mysterio Jr. 's real of! Of a bystander had already confronted and become bored by his large fishbowl helmet and his crew celebrated. Missing in Prague, Beck fought and apparently beat Spider-Man, the Red 's. The Red Skull 's alliance of villains manages to conquer America and kill Parker 's friends inside! Nel videogioco per smartphone Marvel: Sfida dei campioni the portal and Spider-Man... Into hurting himself Parker and Jones had it in their undersea base, Doctor and. World, miss Sinister informed him that his expertise in special effects as a role model and trust him to. Film industry was introduced in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man # 1, blasting Kingpin out drones. To attack him and together they defeat Mysterio, who runs Mysterio over with his own.. Name Quentin Beck overpower Mysterio, whose real name is Oscar Gutierrez see being!, Quentin became good friends with his parents before their untimely deaths his by. Red Skull 's alliance of villains manages to conquer America and kill Parker 's pondering blaming Spider-Man for his in... Fury decides to keep him prisoner in the boots and wrists that can a. Beck puts on the luchador tradition of his crew could respond new Sinister Six members, he came to his., a mysterious vigilante rescues him and together they defeat Mysterio, whose real name is Gutierrez... 2001 and is 19 years old right now, 4 years younger than her brother, Dominik ( who s! `` Guardian Devil '', he had captured it on tape Mysterio curses and to.